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Leave the stress behind, and step into the Surfside Colony lifestyle, OC's Malibu! This rare private beach is gated & guarded, but extremely friendly! Your final surf 'n' sand staycation! Breathtaking views from Newport Beach to Catalina to Palos Verdes! Spectacular sunsets over the water, take in the Palos Verdes and Long Beach Skyline! Surf, kite surf, or paddleboard with our friendly dolphins most every day!

Sit back and tour the property inside and out with this slideshow - and enjoy the music!

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Deepest beachfront lot in Surfside Colony

The lot at A97 is almost 70' deep and 50% larger than most Surfside lots! Comparable square footage to all lot-and-a-half wide beachfront lots! Quiet location away from PCH noise and Surfside traffic!


Highly-rated Los Alamitos schools. Walk to Peter's Landing & Marina, as well as many fine restaurants, shops and services. Front row on the sand with spectacular garden, sand and surf views. 7, 13, & 25 miles respectively from LGB, SNA & LAX!

Sustainably designed

This is a Wayne Williams sustainably designed, loft-style, open-concept contemporary two-story home. This could be your forever home or a home available for immediate move in so you can enjoy the 'Colony Lifestyle'.

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Largest lot in Surfside

The A97 lot is the largest single lot in Surfside and therefore provides the best long term value. Land appreciates while structures depreciate. The average of the assessed value ratios of land to structure, from the Orange County Assessors Office, for the last two dozen A-row waterffront sales in Surfside computes to roughly 80% land and 20% structure.

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Built to last, designed to grow

In terms of structure, all of the grade beams of A97 are concrete and steel rebar and built to last (the original plans are available). Many houses in Surfside have wooden grade beams which limits their longevity.

Both stairs and elevator service the second floor. If a third story is being contemplated, the vacuum elevator is designed to be extended.

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Controlled environment, naturally

All of the southwest facing floor to ceiling glass on the beach side of the house, both upstairs and down stairs, were replaced with Lo-E coated argon filled dual pane glass which substantially cuts down on heat gain inside the home in the summer and preserves heat in the home in the winter.

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Modern Power

The solar panels on the roof are remotely monitored and produce a monthly energy report. These can be moved to the roof of a third floor if desired.

The garage is wired for charging an electric automobile. It has been the charging point for the owner’s Tesla for the last 5+ years.

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Natural Light

Another method of controlling heat gain and loss is through the use of the two opposing Velux motorized window openings near the top of the 19’ x 19’ pyramid skylight. These window openings are controlled remotely, and by allowing the sea breeze to pass through the openings a slight vacuum is created and the Bernoulli effect draws hot air up and out. A companion to this arrangement are the two sky shades under the skylight which allow lots of natural light into the center of the home as well as protect it from heat in the summer and keeps heat in during the winter. These shades are structured to be motorized and automated.

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Bring the inside out

The original concrete slab on the bottom floor of the home was extended 10’ outside to form a solid deck and a continuous surface. Both were finished with easy to maintain porcelain tile, creating a seamless inside/outside look. Further, the deck has footing capable of supporting a second story deck if desired.

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Garden pathway

Part of the construction going on next door at A98, among other things, is to remove their south-facing entrance door and move it to the north side. The A97 owner’s agreement with that neighbor is to create a garden pathway between the two homes. What this does is to leave an easy option for a possible alternate A97 entrance on the north side, or even have north and south side/front door entrances.

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Life is short - enjoy it now!

Leave the pandemic, crowds and crime behind and move immediately to a peaceful waterfront home in a private, gated, and guarded colony in Orange County California, on the southern border of Los Angeles County.

Yes, you can do it now!

The value of beach-front property

The average Orange County assessment value ratio for the last two dozen homes sold that were oceanfront-A row homes on the sand in Surfside Colony was 80% land and 20% structure. This contrasts with non-oceanfront and inland properties that are roughly 1/3 land and 2/3 structure.

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